Best workout earbuds reviewed

Early intense jogs, a fast ride through some challenging trail in your bicycle, or an hour in the gym are best experienced when you are listening to some fast beats.

Music can set your pace in your workout routine and keep your adrenaline going on and on.

Fortunately there are many earbuds that can deliver crisp audio and would keep on delivering high quality music through all the sweat and rugged handling one can expect from an intense workout.

While many are buying into wireless headphones, some are staying conventional with their choices by sticking to wired earbuds.

Regardless of your preferences, here are some of the top picks in the market today.

Sennheiser CX 686G

These in-ears are made by one of the best headphone makers in the world so that in itself is already a big plus.

Sennheiser CX686G Earbuds


The CX 686G is a wired work out earphones so you do not have to worry about skipping in the middle of your favorite track.

This comes in a neon green color making it a sports-only audio accessory. I

If you have been struggling with earbuds falling from your ears then the hooks on this one is the solution for you. You do not have to worry about sanitation because the ear hooks are antimicrobial.

The wires end in a 90 degree jack which makes it more durable.

 Jaybird X2

The Jaybird is probably one of the best made wireless workout earbuds in the market today.



Priced at around $129 it is a headphone worth your money. These look a lot like its predecessor but this time it comes in more colors.

The X2 earbuds are sweat proof and come with a lifetime warranty for sweat-related damage.

The wires from the in-ears converge in a remote that allows you to play, pause, and skip songs.

Fickle minded about your tracks? This is the best option for you. The best feature of this unit is the many ear tips and wings it comes with allowing you to find that perfect fit for your ears (no more earbuds popping out in the middle of your workout!).

Beats Powerbeats 2

Don’t worry these Beats product is not at all overpriced.

It has decent audio and perhaps what makes it really ideal for working out is its design that ensures the earbuds will not come out of your ear, a legitimate complaint among many sporty audiophiles.



This unit is wireless and it is sweat resistant. Aesthetically you have a lot of options as it comes in pink, black, white, red, and cobalt blue.

Photive PH-BTE70

In a glance the Photive PH-BTE70 might look like the Beats Powerbeats.

PHOTIVE BTE70 earbuds


The similarity helps in a way if you like to have that Beats look without shelling out cash for the “real thing”.

This in-ear comes only in black so if you are looking for an all-around earphones this is the best choice for you.

While most sports earbuds come in wild colors this one takes an entirely different direction.

The PH-BTE70 is sweat proof and has easy to use control located on the right earbud. You can play, pause, and skip music tracks without a problem.

The 6 hour battery life is also impressive for its price.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit is made for someone who has a very active lifestyle.

plantronics backbeat fit headset


It is a wireless earphone with a snug fit that also comes with an ear hook that holds the earbuds securely in your ear.

Its lightweight design also allows you to tolerate it even with elongated use during workout.


This is made from plastic so it is sweat proof and water proof although you cannot go swim in the pool with it. It has easy to use controls that allow you to change the songs and volume, pause and play the tracks, and even take calls if it is connected with your phone.

Mpow Wolverine

The Wolverine is a wireless earphone with a very affordable price but would still do the job as a sports in-ear.



It is quite popular because of its performance and cheap price. It comes with 3 different wing sizes to secure a nice fit to your ears.

It might just cost you around $20 but it is made in plastic and aluminum so you can be sure people would think you bought it for a much higher price.

It comes with a 45 days money back guarantee. It is sweat proof so yes you can use these in vigorous, very sweaty workout.

Matone Qy8

Like the Mpow Wolverine, the Qy8 is also a budget IEM that is suited for people who love to workout and sweat it out but do not want to invest too much on music accessories.

matone qy8 in ear headphones


You can have a nice isolation with this one if you choose the best sized ear tips.

Thanks to its resistance to sweat this can last long even if you use it every day at the gym.

Its Bluetooth has a 25 ft. range and it comes equipped with a 7-hour battery. Not bad for a $30 earphone.

Shure SE215

This has a unique fit so you need some time to get used to it but the hassle of putting it on becomes an advantage as this earphone provides superb isolation and a tight fit so that it should not fall off easily from your ears during work out.



These earphones come with its own ear tips that are unique to Shure but then again with the quality audio you get it’s all worth it.

The earbuds are sweat resistant and the wires are Kevlar reinforced so it is very durable.

Bose IE2

If you are after comfort and superb audio quality then the Bose IE2 is the earbuds for you.

bose ie2


This is a wired earphone but that is justified with the clarity of the audio you get out from it and that amazing bass that comes alive in your music tracks.

It is an audiophile’s choice to workout and enjoy music at the same time.

It has a soft and loose ear tips that makes it very comfortable to wear (isolation is not that good though).

This is not necessarily sweat proof but it should be okay when you are just out for some short brisk walks around the neighborhood. It is made from durable plastic so this should last long.



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