Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headset review

In this review, we will be looking at the Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headset. This pair of wireless earbuds is made by Sony, a reputable brand when it comes to audio and built quality.

Sony SBH80 earbuds


What we like about the SBH80 earbuds

Sound quality is on-par with upper market wireless earbuds.

The Sony SBH80 has aptXTM audio enhancement. This high-quality audio codec is designed to deliver a flawless wireless audio experience, if your device is compatible.

AptXTM delivers 350KB/S Audio wirelessly, ensuring you get a really good sound out of your earbuds.

Be aware that none of Apple Iphone products support AptX. On the Iphone, you will get 256KB/S maximum. Some Android based phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 do support aptXTM.

A High fidelity microphone is part of the package with these Sony wireless earbuds.

The HD Voice Technology lets you make calls through bluetooth, while the person you’re talking will enjoy a good sound quality.

Doubling the frequency, HD Voice will fade out or cut all background noises and make it easier to listen to the voice on a call.

sony sbh80 controls


This technology is used on Sony Xperia phones;

Bluetooth Multipoint support is a nice addition.

You will be able to connect your SBH80 wirelessly to two devices at the same time.

You will not have to reconnect or reconfigure the earbuds every time you want to switch from your phone to a laptop, or another audio streaming device.

Built to resist, the SBH80 is Splash Sproof. You can bring these Sony wireless earbuds in the rain without worrying too much about them getting soaked.

The Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headset is compatible with NFC Pairing.

This technology lets you touch your NFC-compatible phone (List of phones compatible with NFC) with the Bluetooth wireless headset, and it will automatically pair it up and start.

sony sbh80


Buyer reviews and opinions

Overall, the Sony SBH80 Bluetooth headset received very good buyer reviews on amazon. ( Click here to read all buyer reviews )

People loved the durability of these earphones, with several buyer saying that they wistanded hard conditions in their review.

Sound quality received praises from the majority of buyers.

Several user reviews compared them with higher priced wireless earbuds and found that the sound quality was better than something like the Power beats earbuds.

Possible negative points

This is a great product, but we still found some flaws. The battery life will display on your phone, a great addition, but this will only work with Sony Xperia phones.

Only includes three sizes of earbuds in the package, and no replacement. You should be able to find replacement earbuds if you were to loose the silicone part, but Sony could have been more generous.

Overall review on the Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset

While reviewing these wireless earbuds, we found that they are one of the best out there, with a reasonable price tag for what you get.

The design and built quality is great, you will get a good sound, comparable to bose or sennheiser mid level headphones.

The aptXTM technology is both a good thing and a negative point, as Iphones are not compatible with it.

Battery life is really good, you will get 6 Hours or more of use with these earbuds!


Following this review, We decided to add the SBH80 earbuds to the list of the best wireless earbuds. A really good choice with a lot of bang for your bucks.




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