SOL REPUBLIC Shadow wireless review

Nowadays, more and more people are embracing the addition of Bluetooth technology on earbuds.

You can talk on the phone for a long time without having to worry about twisted wires and having to grasp your phone to talk the whole time.

You can also listen to your favorite music while doing workouts and other activities with wireless Bluetooth earbuds as well.



Even though most earbuds aren’t equipped with the best audio quality out there as compared with your standard hi-tech wired headphones, the beauty of it is pairing them with plenty of devices to get more quality sound.

Now you can run, dance, go on bicycle rides or take phone calls without fretting over tangled wires and disconnected phones.

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless is one of the most popular earbuds in the market as of late because of its affordable price.

Let’s tap into the product more and discover what makes it tick (or fail) with finicky consumers.


Audio Quality


As mentioned earlier, several wireless earbuds available in the market today offer subpar audio quality.

But surprisingly, this Sol Republic model presents a balanced sound which pronounced every part of each audio track played.




Bass heavy sounds were discernible, the trebles clear and crisp and it was able to hoist a range of wide ranging sounds.

The voices were clear as day too; they were not inaudible as compared with devices from other brands.

The Bluetooth signal did not disappoint as well. You can set your phone at a table or chair near you while you are doing your workouts and the sound won’t falter.


Design and Comfort


Aesthetics was a top priority in the creation of the device. In the first place, you are going to wear it on your head so it’s visible thus, it has to look good, right?

Also, apart from making the device look decent, the powers that be at Sol republic also thought of a design that will provide not only great looks, but comfort as well.

One will be reminded of jewelry while looking at the Shadow Wireless ‘buds with their sleek built and metallic features.

It comes in colors like white, a black and steel grey combo plus it also has another exclusive color combo featured in the Tiger Woods Special edition earbuds; the black and oxblood color scheme.

The buds of the device hang from narrow cords that are joined to a neckstrap.

The buds have standard ear inserts with a flat disk back and a band with a rose-gold hue wraps the backs of the earbuds. In the middle of each disk is the company’s logo, which is inscribed.



The whole ensemble makes it more stylish and up-to-the-minute as compared with majority of wireless ‘buds.

The neckstrap has a unique bendable feature which makes it hang back securely against the back of a wearer’s neck.

The controls feature a multi-function button with the volume located on the upper right side of the controls. The indicator light and the power button are located right at the bottom.

The left side of the controls has a micro-USB port for charging the device.

You can clean the earbuds with a few spatters of water since they are water-resistant.



The device comes with 3 varying sizes of ear inserts and offers decent sound isolation. Its collar design was sufficiently secure; you can move about without making the ‘buds fall out of your ears.

Battery Life

Sol Republic claims you can get 8 hours out of the product.

It displayed decent battery strength. Whenever the unit needs some recharging, a voice cuts in and tells the wearer to charge the device.



Which is good in a sense, since mere bleeps can be easily ignored at times.


What’s In the Box


The Shadow Wireless comes with the following extras:


  • Wireless In-ear headphones
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 4 pairs of ear tips
  • Owner’s manual


Its main features include


  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • 8 hours of playback/1 week of standby time on full charge
  • Natural-fit collar
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX
  • Enables straightforward pairing with up to 2 devices
  • Provides up to 30’ wireless range
  • Sound isolation
  • Easy-access microphone
  • 3-Button remote
  • Water and sweat-resistant built


What Users Say


There had been some praise for the Shadow Wireless, mostly for its looks and the quality sound it delivers.

According to appreciative users, the device was not awkward to wear at all since it has a fashionable, trendy design that it can keep up with hip headphones that are popular with stylish folks.

Apart from the design, it provides great audio too. It delivered a clear, powerful sound throughout. Bass lovers will also appreciate the way the low-end was pronounced on all tracks.



Comfort and fit was also there. Many users have noted that the device was light and comfortable to wear. In terms of functionality, the controls were also easy to operate because of its accessible location while the USB charger conceals itself well.

Other than that, one user was also glad that it had lifetime ear-tip replacements, which was a nice bonus.

As for the bad bits about the product, a few users complained that it delivered a reedy, distorted sound through the microphone during phone calls.

Making and receiving phone calls by means of the integrated microphone was a hassle because the person at the other end of the line sounded a bit unclear.

One user chalked the issue out to the phone’s lack of wind protection, so this can pose as a problem if you use the device while making phone calls out of doors.

The product is stylish and provides excellent audio quality and as seen from the scads of reviews of the device, it is good value for your money and deserves a spot next to your smartphone or mp3 player.

It’s compact, secure, beautifully designed and offers a booming bass for all low-end enthusiasts out there.

All things considered, the pros outweighs the cons, and this device is a worthy purchase.



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