NuForce BE6 wireless bluetooth earphones review


Looking for a compact earphone set which provides Bluetooth technology?

Optoma has one for you; the recently added NuForce BE6 provides hours of fuss-free music for people who don’t need the hassle of cords while listening to their choice tunes.


The BE6 gives listeners wireless sound trips without sacrificing the quality of sound. It has AAC and aptX and designed from aluminum so you get excellent sound quality while adhering to a rigorous, dynamic lifestyle.

According to the manufacturers, the newest in Bluetooth technology brings quicker connection and prime bandwidth.

The aptX feature allocates content with a compact-disc sound quality involving the source and the device, which results into enhanced imaging and ridding the device of transmission glitches. aptX corresponds well with older Bluetooth versions too.

AAC processing is also used to improve the sound quality of low-res audio tracks from sources like YouTube, iTunes and online streaming sites.

Audio Quality

Quality of sound is great for a wireless, Bluetooth earphone.

The sound gets even better if your device backs up aptX. The manufacturers have crafted the drivers from a mix of brass, titanium and magnesium alloy to guarantee the smallest distortion.



In spite of its wireless functions, users can push the volume levels on maximum and the device and sound won’t break down.

The vocals sound clear and it represents rock, jazz, classical and contemporary pop tracks very well. Dance, rap and hip-hop tunes could use a bit of bass though.

Design and Comfort

The BE6 feels light at best but it has a durable appearance because of its lightweight aluminum casing and the even, smooth cable that links the drivers.

The earpieces can be joined magnetically and they come in a sturdy zipper pouch which also has a number of custom-designed ear tips to guarantee an appropriate fit.



Users who are always on the go will benefit greatly from the Comply Sport Memory Foam eartips since it delivers a nice grip and ensures zero chances of it falling out of the ears.

The earphones are built to resist sweat and moisture and can play musical tracks and receive phone calls for a maximum of 6 hours and it comes with a built-in remote control which lets users skip tracks, activate Bluetooth pairing options and connect with Google Voice or Siri.

It features a 30-meter range so you can leave your device on the table or the floor while you continue on with your activities.

It also includes a wrap-around neckband, silicone earhooks and clip for comfort and grip while on the go.

Battery Life

The battery can last for a good 6 hours and the device also includes a concealed microUSB connector located in the control pod which can act as back-up.



As for the control pod, it offers users a remote control to regulate volumes, skip, pause and play tracks. It also serves as a microphone for phone calls.

What’s in the Box


The product’s box includes the following items:


  • NuForce BE6
  • 2 pairs of Comfy Sport eartips
  • 4 pairs of silicone tips
  • 1 pair of stabilizers
  • 1 piece of cable management clip
  • A carry case
  • A micro-USB charging cable
  • A quick-start guide
  • Safety instruction


The BE6 main features include:


  • Upgraded and patented 10-mm driver for HQ sound
  • Silicon eartips for comfortable fit and grip
  • Plasma, nano-coated internal circuitry to resist moisture and repel dirt
  • Latest Bluetooth technology advancement for a quicker connection and excellent bandwidth
  • Multi-functional inline remote, phone, volume, transport, pairing and voice prompts
  • Can gather a maximum of 8 devices
  • Excellent wireless performance of up to 98.5 ft.
  • Excellent music and phone calls for up to 6 hours
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


What Users Say

Users who have bought the product have commented that they were satisfied with the product in general. But of course, there were some negative feedback about the device as well from other users, which should be expected.



Positives centered on the product’s functions, sound quality and design.

Users have claimed that the design was excellent; it did not pose discomfort and was light around their necks when not in use, with sturdy magnetic functions keeping everything together.

The controls were light and scaled down that you will forget you are wearing them in the first place.

Several users also liked that there was a good selection of cushions plus a stabilizer for differing ear sizes.

One of the foam cushions even include a part number on them so they can be re-ordered if you have worn them out or lost them.



As for the controls, some have commented that they were pretty much standard but fine-tuning the device for music and phone calls was easy and the pairing option was simple to do as well.

The sound quality was great despite several users complaints of it lacking some low-end. The tracks sounded crisp and clear throughout.

When it comes to the negatives, some users usually complained about the selection of the ear covers.

Some of the ear covers did not fit certain users but a number of users eventually worked around it. A few users also complained about the largeness of the tips; it was not aesthetically pleasing at all.



Some users were also unsatisfied with the battery life; it was short and it requires charging of the device each night. However, it was a minor issue since the battery provides up to 6 hours of playback and phone calls with every use.

To conclude, most of the users have found the device to be worthy of its price.

It provides great sound quality for its weight and size. It was agreed on that it was compact, simple and hassle-free to operate and is pretty convenient.

The BE6 can stand up next to some of the best in-ear products.

The device is comfortable enough to wear all day. It benefits people with active lifestyles since they can bring this with them anywhere they go, at any activity they do.






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