Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless review

When it comes to sports-oriented wireless in-ear headphones, Jaybird probably is a common name.

Its BlueBuds X headphone was a hit when it was released and it will be no surprise if the Jaybird X2 wireless earbuds will again hit a remarkable mark.

Officially released in major retailers last September 2015, the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless certainly has a lot of things you should be watching out for.


There’s this new color options, new matte finish, better battery life and more. So to get things started with this review, here are some of the things you’ll be experiencing with the new X2:


Audio Quality


Of prime concerns, audio quality is the topmost consideration when buying an earphone. It would be meaningless if you choose the one that won’t give you the best sound.


The Jaybird X2 Sports wireless in-ear headphone emits one of the best sounds among other headphones. The sound clarity is well-balanced. Bass sound is not overpowering so it won’t strike much on your earbuds.




If you’re looking for a headphone that’s looking for a heavily amplified earphone then this might just disappoint you.

It does great in mixing solid lows, highs and mids. Although you can always opt to go louder, it doesn’t give you any audio distortion.

Noise isolation for the Jaybird X2 ear bud is pretty good as well. When used properly with the right earbuds, you can be assured that you alone can hear the audio and that no sound will be leaked.

Design and Comfort

If you’ve been a fan of Jaybirds or at least have had Jaybirds then the X2 design won’t be something new.

The wireless headphones are attached to a flat, tangle-free cord that may be placed just behind your neck so you can listen to your favourite music while working out.

Another way is to place them under or over your ears to secure it in place. Jaybird has also included a trio of cord-management clips to make the cable short.



A micro-USB charging port is also part of the package and is nicely placed the right earbud.

There’s also an easy to reach and use remote that allows you to take calls and control your playlist.

In exchange to its glossy look, Jaybird has placed in matte-plastic finish.

There are a lot of colour options too. Color choices include Midnight (black), Storm (white), Fire (red), Alpha (green), Charge and Ice (blue).



When it comes to comfort, the best way to choose the fitting headphone is picking the right ear fins and buds.

Fins are the winged pieces of rubber that holds the in-ear headphones unto your ear while the buds are those that are seated inside the ear.

Users can choose either silicone or Comply foam tips. Each of the materials has their own levels of isolation.

The winged fins are comfortable to use as well. They don’t budge and are pretty light. You won’t have to be bothered by the thought that it might fall off.


Battery Life


When it comes to battery life, the manufacturer claims that it can stand as long as eight hours the same length as with its predecessor.


If you have to use it during a marathon, it can run as long as three and a half hours. The length of the battery life is also affected by the loudness of the volume.



Charging the headphones is estimated to be less than 2.5 hours using the micro USB cable but the length of time may vary depending on the power source.

The micro USB slot is located on the same side as with the remote and it has a flap covering that is easy to open.

What’s in the Box


Opening the box, you’ll see a case that carries the items securely. The carrying case has a clam design that is slightly different from its predecessor.

Inside the hard case are the ear-fins that will help your earbuds tightly secured while you’re using it.

The fins complement well with the matte finish of the in-ear wireless phones so that it won’t easily slip and slide from your ear.



There are also few clips that are included in the box that will be of good help if you wish to pair up the headphones with other devices.


Also included inside the Jaybird X2 Wireless headphone are 3 pairs of Sport Ear Fins, 3 pairs of Silicone ear tips, 3 pairs of Comply premium sport foam ear tips, 3 cord management clips and an owner’s manual.

What Users Say


Users themselves have a lot of things to say about the Jaybird X2 wireless headset based on their own experiences. Here are some of the things they say about the in-ear wireless headphone from Jaybird:


  • Jaybird fits well. Users find the new X2 as more fitting as compared to its predecessor even when they’re running and sweaty.They can feel that it is locked in properly that you won’t have to worry about it getting dislodged and go anywhere. Moreover they come with comply tips.


  • Sound quality is crisp and clear. Although the bass is something that you should be expecting a lot from this ear bud, the sound is of good quality. The sound is pretty louder as compared to its predecessor.


  • The improvements they made were worth all the money they spent. A lot of buyers laud the changes Jaybird has made with its X2 wireless headset. These new changes were remarkable and are of really great use for an active user like them.


Although the Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless has a lot to offer, it can be a little bit pricey as compared to other competitors. Priced at $179, the X2 Wireless can be a bit heavy on the pocket.



The Jaybird X2 wireless headsets for most of the users find it to be really better than its predecessor.

They find the sound quality to be more crisp and clear and fit more snugly and comfortable. It comes in with a lot of earbud tip sizes, material types and ear fins for the users to determine well which would fit them best.



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