JAM Transit Wireless Ear Buds review

Exercising and listening to your choice of upbeat music is among the best ways for you to get yourself moving.

Music is the perfect motivation after all, so, this can help in changing your mood into something more energetic and more fun loving, which is why, you would need a trusty ear buds for this.

jam transit wireless earbuds

You might not be able to notice the effects at first but once you do, you would never want to be without your ear buds.

They’re the perfect partner in crime in shaking away the blues of your hardcore training or the daily hassles of life.

So, if you’re a health dedicated person who spends long days in a gym, or you’re just an average person who wants to take music with you where you go, then you will truly enjoy the Jam Transit wireless ear buds.

Technical Specifications

 The JAM Transit wireless ear buds are equipped with Bluetooth technology that has a 30-foot range.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can power the device for at most 6 hours of use so you can listen to music longer and more comfortable.

The ear buds package comes with different sizes of ear buds.

jam transit wireless earbuds blue color


These are perfect for every kind of ear. Once you find which your desired size, you will notice how they fit snugly and comfortably onto your ears.

They don’t easily fall off, so they make a perfect gadget for you especially if you have a very active life.

It’s also great for nit-picky people as you can neatly keep them hanging around your neck by securing both of them together with the magnetic technology installed in the ear buds.

If you thought that you already knew all of the features that you would want in an ear bud, then you ought to think again, because the best part is yet to be unveiled.

Every user is raving about the ear bud’s sweat resistant feature which makes it a perfect fit for people who like doing physical activities and listening to music at the same time.


Compared to other similar products, the Jam Transit wireless ear buds is a far cheaper deal, plus they offer the same functionality that most of the major ear buds products have.

These come in different colors so you can easily pair them with your running clothes or your workout apparel.

jam transit wireless earbuds red color


They are also very convenient to use because you don’t need to have a very long wire hanging around your body as you try to jog around an area and listen to your favorite playlist.

You would just need to switch on the Bluetooth your chosen device and then connect your ear buds for the Bluetooth streaming.


The JAM Transit wireless ear buds scored a 3.4 out of 5 from more than 1,800 buyers in Amazon, while it was able to receive plenty of good reviews, there were also a handful of people who expressed their disappointment over the product’s specifications.

Several users commented on how it easily drains it charge even when it is charged properly.

They also complain about the product’s durability. According to the buyers’ comments, the product can only last for an average of five months.

jam transit wireless earbuds


Others also took notice of how the product’s sound quality also changes over time.

All About the User Experience

 Customers bought this product for its cheap price and its wireless function.

The ear buds can easily connect through any device and it can produce good sounds.

The level of comfort was among its winning features as it can be worn during workouts or gym sessions.

However, users voiced out their concerns regarding quality issue, particularly on the durability of the product.

Overall, if you would want a product that’s within the range of your budget, the JAM Transit wireless ear buds is a good choice but if money is not an issue, you should might as well consider other choices.






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