Jabra Sport Pulse review

In this review, we will be looking at the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds, a pair of bluetooth in-ear headphones designed with sports in mind.

jabra sport pulse wireless earbuds


Perfect for running, the gym, or any type of movement-inducing activities, these are premium earbuds.

What makes the Jabra pulse earbuds good for sports

These earbuds feature a built in heart rate monitor!

You read that right, the Jabra sport pulse earbuds let you monitor your heart beat, without the need for an expensive watch/heart rate monitor.



The sensors measure your heart beat quite accurately through your eardrums.

While they cannot compare to a dedicated heartrate monitor, they are still accurate enough for most users.

Includes a fitness and monitoring smartphone app The Jabra sport life Iphone and Android app connects to your pulse earbuds wirelessly.

It allows you to analyze your heartbeat through your smartphone, ensuring that you are always training within the zone you chose.

Cyclists, runners, and cardio enthousiasts will appreciate the app.

Weather resistant: IP55 CertificationThe IP55 Military spec certification makes these wireless earbuds rain, dust, and shockproof.

These earbuds are not made for swimming, but they will be able to sustain very harsh conditions.

You will not have to worry about your Jabra pulse earbuds while running in the rain, skiing, or other harsh climate conditions.

Compatible with most fitness apps

The pulse earbuds can be connected to most popular fitness apps, and will be recognized as a standard heart rate monitor.
You will not have any problem using them with apps like Endomondo, Nike+, RunKeeper and others.

Don’t fall from your ears: The fit and overall design of these wireless earbuds ensures you won’t lose them while playing sports like basketball



Sound quality

They are on-par with other earbuds in the same price range, featuring Dolby sound enhancement.

If you need active noise reduction, you will not find this feature on the Jabra sport pulse, however the fit and built quality for this pair of earphones don’t really make it necessary.

We tested the earbuds in a busy street of paris, france for this review, and found that the level of isolation was sufficient.

Possible negative points

If you are a heavy user, intending to use these earbuds wirelessly for the full charge (around 5 Hours) every day, the battery has been reported to decline after about a year.

Several buyers who reviewed these earphones, reported that the Jabra pulse was only working for around 2 Hours at full charge, after one year of use.

The Jabra support could be more responsive, it can take a week to receive a reply when contacting them for an issue, as reported in several buyer reviews.

Almost too good sound isolation: could be dangerous if you use them for running in a city, you might not be able to hear oncoming traffic.

Bass could be stronger; if you like Hip-hop, or strong bass, you may want to look at another set of wireless earbuds like the Nuforce BE6

Overall review

We thing that the Jabra Sport Pulse make an interesting product for sport enthousiasts. The idea of a built-in heart rate monitor is really interesting and works well.

In the spirit of getting more space by using bluetooth earbuds, one may be happy to get rid of a bulky hear-rate monitor in the same time as its earbuds wire.


Sound quality is good, design and color may not suit every-one.

If you are a heavy user, consider other options or be aware that the battery life will be lower after one year of use.

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